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Democracy Dysfunction
Repeatedly the American people are shown how anti-democratic their government really is. It's evident that there is widespread corruption of government by big money - incumbent politicians, lobbyists, the elite media, big business, big banks, big unions, lobbyists and big special interests. An overwhelming number of Americans agree that the political system is broken and needs to be fixed.
Published on JimPintoBlog - Democracy Dysfunction - 5 November 2014
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Creeping Criminality
Few people really cheat. Those that do usually drift into increasingly dubious behavior. They may stretch the truth, which turns in to lying, which extends to cheating and even stealing. This is "creeping criminality." The behavior is widespread.
Published on JimPintoBlog - Creeping Criminality - 27 October 2014
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to Future

Transition to a very different Future
More than ever before, the world seems to be poised for rapid change. More and more people are beginning to recognize the inadequacy of the present social order. There is an awakening acceptance that a new age is being ushered in.
Published on JimPintoBlog - Transition to a very different future - 17 October 2014
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Creation Allegory
I sometimes brooded over the mystery of Creation. Just recently I found a story that made things fall into place - at least for me. It was "Sole Solution", written by Eric Frank Russell, a British author best known for his science fiction novels and short stories. Here's my summary, and my own view.
Published on JimPintoBlog - Creation Allegory - 7 October 2014
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Religions &
Faith-based Beliefs

Religions and Faith-based Beliefs
Thinking humans seems to need explanations and stories with some rationality that suits them. The choice of Religion is usually made by upbringing and background. Religions are acknowledged as not rationally provable but "faith-based". I hope this summary helps you to view the broad picture.
Published on JimPintoBlog - Religions & Faith-based Beliefs - 1 October 2014
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Begin & End?

Charity - where does it begin? And end?
Given that we have more than most, how much should we give as Charity? And what is our giving obligation: goodwill or guilt? Anyone who is truly passionate about a charitable cause can tell you it's not purely a selfish endeavor. But self-interest does have a hand to play.
Published on JimPintoBlog - Charity - where does it begin? And end? - 24 September 2014
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Logic &

Logic & Prejudice
It's generally believed that the quintessential quality of the human mind is to think logically. But, the patterns that are embedded in our thinking warp our logic and it is almost impossible for anyone to be immune to bias. Prejudice safeguards cultural conformity and may be genetic, which needs great objectivity, intelligence and determination to overcome.
Published on jimpintoblog.blogspot.com - 15 September 2014
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Jim Pinto TEDxDelMar speech

Chindia - The rise of China & India - Jim Pinto at TEDxDelMar
With 40% of the world's population, China and India (Chindia) are steadily rising towards becoming world-leading economic powers. The GDP Of China is already (2010) #2 in the world (after the USA); during the next decade, India will grow to be #3, surpassing Japan and and all European countries. 300 years ago, the two countries represented 50% of the world's wealth. They are rising again to dominate the world's economy. Speech at TEDxDelMar, June 2010.

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