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World Future Society - Futurescope 2001
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
July 30, 2001

Evolution of the TechnoHuman

Transhuman and Posthuman Intelligence

Speaker : Jim Pinto
Managing Partner,
San Diego, CA. USA

This presentation was reported by
The Star Tribune Minneapolis, MN.
on Tuesday, July 31, 2001.

Star Tribune article Star Tribune: Your techno-future holds much promise

Evolution is speeding up exponentially. In this next century, technology speed-up will continue with major evolutionary consequences. History makes it evident that man-with-tool inevitably survived and conquered man-without. Technology has caused and will continue to cause significant societal change.

TechnoHuman The technology tools of the future will evolve a new form of techno-human. People will be constantly connected to the world through intelligent processors and communications. The distinction between reality and non-reality will blur.

The three technology laws are bringing about an advance in civilization that has significant and far-reaching consequences. The combination is producing results that are unfolding with awesome speed - bringing irreversible change to the human species.

Kurzweil argues that synthetic intelligence will inevitably exceed human capabilities within the next few decades. Some fringe-thinkers are already discussing trans-human and post-human societies.

Bill Joy of Sun argues that our current pace of technological progress poses a very real threat to the future of the human race and proposes new guidelines and standards for research.

The combination of human and synthetic intelligence has the potential for tremendous good. Human/machine web-intelligence already exists, survives and grows, independently and inexorably. I am optimistic about the synergy that can develop between natural and synthetic intelligence.

Joel de Rosnay postulates "symbiosis" between man and machine : "The origin of a new life-form on Earth - a still embryonic macro-organism made up of the totality of human beings and machines, living creatures, networks and nations - trying to live in symbiosis with the planetary ecosystem."

Human DNA is 98.6% the same as the gorilla and 97.8% the same as orangutans, our original biological roots. Sequencing of the human genome will bring a new level of knowledge of our biological makeup. Technology will enhance biology through the virtual elimination of disease and significant increase in longevity. A hundred years ago, the average human lifespan was perhaps 60 years. Within the next few decades, the average (techno)human lifespan will increase well beyond 100 years, and by the end of this century to a couple of centuries. Then perhaps the biggest fatalities will come not from cancer or heart disease, but from accidents, and war.

What are the societal and philosophical changes that will occur? Perhaps, the new balance of life will allow future humanity to focus, not on technological advancement, but on spirituality and love.

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