Automation Unplugged

Pinto's perspectives, pointers & prognostications

This book was published by ISA in October 2003 and was the best-seller for 2004. You can order an autographed copy.

Automation Unplugged includes the best-of-the-best Jim Pinto articles on a variety of automation topics, with a special introduction by Dick Morley, technology guru and father of the PLC. Each of 5 sections is introduced by a noted automation industry personality.

See Table of Contents (below)

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  • "A thorough understanding of business and technology makes this book a class act. You may, as I often have, disagree with Jim, but you will always be stimulated to think."
    -- Dick Morley, Inventor of the PLC
  • "Jim’s commentary and views on the decline of the automation industry are a brutally honest assessment of the state of the automation industry and what the future may hold. Backed by persuasive arguments he outlines why the industry is n decline with specific examples and penetrating analysis — read this book now!"
    -- Frank Williams, CEO I/O Select
  • "The truly creative don’t let the industry’s continued malaise get them down. They just keep trying to find new and better ways to get the job done."
    -- Greg Hale, Editor InTech

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Table of Contents

  • About the Author
  • Preface
  • Introduction: Dick Morley

Section 1 - Major Automation Companies:
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

  • Introduction: John Berra, President, Emerson Process
    • The Urge to Merge
    • Siemens—American manager’s view
    • Emerson—strong management drives performance
    • Honeywell Industrial Systems—The GE-Honeywell fiasco
    • Aggressive French giant—Schneider Electric
    • Invensys in decline
    • Whither Rockwell Automation?
    • The ABB Blahs
    • Yokogawa exemplifies Japanese automation companies
    • Companies in Trouble
    • The second tier—tomorrow's leaders

Section 2 - Marketing, Sales and Distribution Perspectives

  • Introduction: Frank Williams, CEO, I/O Select
    • The Changing Face of Automation
    • Old dead-ends, new directions
    • Products vs Services
    • Product Development Speed in the Internet Age
    • Marketing Speed in the Internet Age
    • Why is Industrial Automation Declining?
    • Industrial Automation eBiz
    • Disintermediation—Distribution and Sales Channels
    • Disintermediation—The Customer Perspective
    • Disintermediation—The Manufacturers Perspective
    • Competing in a Global Environment
    • Relationship management
    • Never, Never be the Lowest Bidder

Section 3 - The Future of Automation Technology—Gee Whiz!

  • Introduction: Bud Keyes, Senior Vice President, Emerson Process
    • Instrumentation & Control on the Frontiers of a New Millennium
    • New technology, new approaches are needed
    • The Technology Laws
    • Distributed & Grid Computing
    • The Pervasive Internet
    • Intelligent Connected Appliances
    • Wireless sensor networks
    • Networked, Intelligent I/O—The Truly Distributed Control Revolution
    • Fully automated factories
    • Nanotech & self-organizing systems
    • Intelligent robots will be everywhere
    • Stephen Wolfram’s "New Science".

Section 4 - Industrial Networks—This Bus is for You

  • Introduction : Dick Caro, CMC Associates, Chairman of ISA SP50 and formerly of IEC Fieldbus Standards Committees.
    • Fieldbus—A Neutral Instrumentation Vendor’s Perspective
    • How do I catch the Fieldbus?
    • The Law of Open Systems Confusion
    • The Dichotomy of Open Standards

Section 5 - Pinto’s Industrial Poetry

  • Introduction: Greg Hale, Editor, Intech
    • Where have all the Players gone?
    • The Fieldbus Raven
    • Open Saysa Me, Closed Saysa You
    • The Fieldbus Quadrille
    • Microsoft Takes Over Fieldbus
    • The 8-part Fieldbus Voting Fiasco
    • Net Du Jour
    • You are Rich Brother William
    • Saint Bill


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