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Click to go to MIT Tech Review
MIT Technology Review
MIT Technology Review
Excellent regular articles by leading scientists and engineers on all new technologies - electronics, communications, nanao-technology, MEMS, bio-technology, robotics etc.
Check regularly to see latest news and updates.

Click to visit Wired Tech pages WIRED Tech Pages WIRED News Tech pages
Leading edge journal that always seems to bring up new ideas and thinking. Good links to old archives.

Ray Kurzweil website Kurzweil website Ray Kurzweil's website
Significant technology articles, discussions and links on a variety of technology topics : Robotics; Artificial Intelligence; Biotech; The Singularity; How to build a brain; Nanotech ; Virtual realities. Sign up for the regular Kurzweil newsletter - regular links and updates on significant topics.

Eric Drexler - Engines of Creation Drexler -
Engines of Creation
Eric Drexler - Engines of Creation
The original book on Nanotechnology, by the man who started it all.
Read it on the web.

The Foresight Institute Foresight Institute The Foresight Institute
The key Nanotech organization with which Eric Drexler is directly involved. Foresight focuses its efforts upon nanotechnology, the coming ability to build materials and products with atomic precision, and upon systems that will enhance knowledge exchange and critical discussion, thus improving public and private policy decisions.

Small Times - big news in small tech. Small Times Small Times - big news in small tech
Excellent source of Nanotech news.

Future Trends

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Genetic competition - technolgy speeds evolution
It is clear that genetic selection, in addition to reducing the propensity for disease through elimination of undesirable genes, will also improve physical characteristics and intelligence. Soon, choosing the physical and mental characteristics of a child through cloning and genetic selection will be vastly preferable to the present day biological lottery. Published by San Diego Mensan Aug. 2002.

World Future Society
World Future Society
The World Future Society
A non-profit scientific and educational organization for people interested in how social and technological developments are shaping the future.
Excellent articles and discussion of all futures topics.

World Future Society
Viable Utopian Ideas
Viable Utopian Ideas - shaping a better world
Our ideas are an energizing resource, a combination of our dreams and determination. Viable utopian ideas are available for just about any and every area of life. This website is the focus of a new book edited by Prof. Art Shostak of Drexel University, soon to be published (2002). Go to the website, and get involved by joining the on-line forum.

Ray Kurzweil on Singularity Kurzweil on Singularity The Singularity is Near
A precis of Kurzweil's upcoming book. He starts by saying : "You will get $40 trillion just by reading this précis and understanding what it says." A discussion of exponentially accelerating technology trends that will result in a discontinuity - "The Singularity" - within the next few decades.

Damien Broderick - The Spike
The Spike -
Damien Broderick - The Spike (Excerpts)
How Our Lives Are Being Transformed By Rapidly Advancing Technologies. Excerpts from Broderick's new (2001) book - takes us to the edge of a coming technological singularity.

Bill Joy's article in Wired
Bill Joy's article
Bill Joy : Why the future doesn't need us
The most famous of the "neo luddites" - Bill Joy of Sun Micro wrote "Our most powerful 21st-century technologies - robotics, genetic engineering, and nanotech - are threatening to make humans an endangered species." He advocates tighter controls. Read this much discussed article.

Extropy Institute
Acts as a networking and information center for those seeking to foster continuing evolutionary advances by using technology to extend healthy life, augment intelligence, optimize psychology, and improve social systems.

Durig Capital
During Capital
Randy Durig is a professional Investment Advisor with a unique and successful "Monopoly Strategy". According to a media analyst his performance has been rated #2 of all money managers.

Industrial Automation

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Instrumentation, Systems & Automation Society
The premier industrial instrumentation & automation organization. A community of 39,000 instrumentation professionals around the world. A tremendous resource for almost every kind of information, training, links to products, manufacturers, distributors, etc.
OPC Training Institute
OPCTI is the largest OPC training company in the world. OPCTI offers hands-on classes both in-person and online. Unlike other companies that offer vendor-biased information, OPCTI focuses strictly on training and does not sell its own products. - Nerds in control
The global online community of automation professionals. Check out excellent technical articles, scan automation industry news, participate in technical discussions. And, sign up for The Automation List
A community website focused on the factory automation, process control, and instrumentation industry with product information, job search, industry promotions, application notes, directory of manufacturers and systems integrators, press releases, news and more.

Morley's Barn
Dick Morley at The Barn
The Barn - Home of Dick Morley
Best known as the father of the programmable controller, leading visionary in the field of advanced technological development, recipient of the Franklin Institute's prestigious Howard N. Potts Award and inductee of the Automation Hall of Fame. Dick Morley is an entrepreneur whose consistent successes in the founding of high technology companies has been demonstrated through decades of revolutionary achievements. Visit Dick Morley at home, in his Barn.

Readout Instrumentation Signppost
Readout Instrumentation Signpost
The Readout Instrumentation Signpost
Ireland based (run by the inimitable and talented Eoin O'Riain) - links to measurement, control and automation resources throughout the world. Puts industrial automation news and views on the web faster than anyone I know!

Superfactory & Evolving Enterprise
Excellent websites, highlighting resources and best practices for enabling lean manufacturing excellence.

Industrial Ethernet
APC Network
Virtual community for Advanced Process Control technology in the Refining and Petrochemical industry. is an independent web site with no affiliation to any vendor. The main aim is to facilitate exchange of information, knowledge and new technologies currently on the market.

Industrial Ethernet
Industrial Ethernet
The Industrial Ethernet Association
The #1 information and discussion portal for Ethernet on the factory floor. With links to top trade journals, trade associations, manufacturers, developers, white papers and the IEA email discussion group, this is the place to find out about industrial applications of Ethernet.


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Click to visit Phil Cerasoli Pages
Phil Cerasoli Poetry

Phil Cerasoli Poetry
The insightful and delightful poems of my friend Phil Cerasoli are on this website. I have know Phil for half my life and have always admired his poetry and philosophy. Click on his picture here, to read and enjoy.

Click to visit Pinto Poetry Pages
Pinto Poetry

Pinto Poetry
To liven up the staid and often humorless industrial automation business atmosphere, I've tried my hand at poetic satire. Some of my stuff has been published in industry journals, with good feedback. My Bill Gates poems have been published in US and international magazines and they too are here for your amusement. And a few others which I hope you'll enjoy....

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